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Ok so name me another singer who has completely bleached hair and then perfectly dyed black hair all in one video? yea i don’t really know of one, at least not one where it’s his/her real hair. Ice is freakin dedicated man. gotta love it. and the dancing! it’s just the right amount nothing too overboard or annoying, the moves are purposeful and not just to be moving and i love that he has a nang eak that can keep up with him! Ahhhhh I’ll be subbing this when the official version comes out hopefully next week


Too Cute BtS

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Ahh… sadly the blonde hair didn’t last that long and the powers that be in GMM decided that it was too much and for the MV Ice’s hair is back to black. Don’t get me wrong.. I love the look. You can find more pics from the music video shoot at Ice’s board… just follow this link here. The MV airs on 5Live this Friday so stay tune!!

Too CUTE!!

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Ice has a new single out called น่ารักเกิน / Naruk Gern / Too Cute. I have to admit that I didn’t really like the song when I first heard it but then again the version I heard was a leaked version and maybe its just my ears but I think the official one sounds slightly different maybe its just clearer maybe its just better louder I don’t know but I’m completely in love with it now.

AND I can tell you I’m completely in love with his new hair that took 4 hours to do. I dunno why I’ve always been a sucker for the bleached blonde look on Asians.. I mean it’s just not natural but I’ve always loved the ones that had the look maybe its envy because I know I couldn’t pull it off

From Ice’s twitter

Ice’s Message to his Fans

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this was done by staff at GMM, so sorry for it being kinda weird all vertical and not full video width. Ice talks super fast so the subs go quick.. just hit pause 🙂


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Ice is going to be back on the little screen this coming Saturday in an episode of Karma. What is Karma? Its basically an on going series where each story finishes in an episode, some may cross over to 2 but most are done within the hour. It basically stories that people face every day and tries to teach people to think before they act and that Karma is in fact a bitch so best be on your best behavior!! I caught yesterday’s episode and it was about a high school girl who thought she was in a loving relationship but once she ended up preggers her boy told her to get an abortion. While she went to clinic alone, he was sleeping with another girl. The girl came to her senses and left the clinic and the ass went psycho because his future would be ruined. Shes walking home alone on the train tracks and faints, and some people save her just as the train is about to pass by. Boy who ran out to give the girl a piece of his mind was not so lucky when his motorbike stalled on the tracks. Yea, karma may not react that fast, but in the end its always a bitch.

Anyways, so Ice’s episode is entitled “Human – Along the Street” basically he’s homeless and from the looks of the preview a bit crazy too. Its so reminiscent of Sirayu from Duay Rang Hang Ruk I love it. I think the preview is making him out to look like the bad guy but I think hes actually going to be the one helping the main lady out. Although him sitting at the edge of the roof in the dark is a bit creepy. Ice plays crazy so well, so be sure to check back here next week 🙂

Oh Baby Baby

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ahhh so last saturday Calories Blah Blah had a concert and Ice and Peck were guests for it. Ice and Pop are of course good buddies since their first stage days so its super to see them finally get to work together again and Pop and Peck have done some work together in the past so they are of course good friends too.

Ice and Peck came out together and did a cover of Justin Bieber’s Baby complete with temporarily dyed light brown hair and followed it up with Naruk Nalove with Pop replacing Aof. Then Win joined the group for the cover of Buddha Bless’s Fire

All I can say is I’m so proud of Ice because hes been incredibly sick for at least a week and while yea he has gotten better, he is dancing with so much energy that you would never have known that he was just sick.

MAJOR THANKS TO PECKPALITCHOKE.COM for the being able to record this from TV POOL

The audio isnt the best, but I think its because they were recording from a far, hopefully the dvd won’t cut all of this out

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